Jeep Club Of Polk County, Florida

Revolution Offroad

Offroad fun for everyone!

Rules, Regulations and other bothersome requirements!

We enjoy being a club that doesn't have cliques and drama and we intend to keep it that way so we are implementing rules to follow.  We will try to keep them as minimal as possible but if issues arise you can bet these will be updated.  Don't let this deter you if you are a new Jeeper.  We welcome inexperienced Jeepers, we are attempting to weed out the unsafe people that might cause harm to themselves or others.

By submitting your application below you and your family members ALL acknowledge and agree to the following:

All potential members will be required to attend no less than two Meet and Greets and  at least one ROR club trail ride before being considered for membership.  Some applicants may take longer to be responded to than others.  There is no set timeframe, you will be notified when your application has been accepted or denied.  If accepted, you pay dues at that time.  You will be unable to attend any members only events until your application is formally accepted and you have been added to the roster.

We refuse the right to refuse ANYONE for ANY reason.  Harassing our members or people in general will not go well for you.

You MUST own a 4 wheel drive Jeep of ANY model that you wheel with.  If you don't know what 4 wheel drive is, we can recommend a good dinner club full of pavement princesses to you.

You must have at least 1 tow point on your Jeep and you understand that if that tow point ever has to be used there may be damage to your Jeep, your personal belongings or your person. Revolution Offroad Jeep Club of Polk County will be held harmless from all liability should you request assistance in recovering from your shenanigans.  In case you didn't read this paragraph, we say it again below the application to make sure you REALLY get it!

Any misconduct by a member will be immediately dealt with and will most likely result in ejection from the club.  We absolutely will not tolerate harassment of anyone, club member or not.  If you roll will our banner on your Jeep, you represent us.  We have worked hard to maintain a good name in the Jeep community and will not allow any bad apples to screw it up.

Above all...  WHEEL SAFELY!!!  


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Revolution Offroad Jeep Club of Polk County Disclosure:

I/we fully understand that operating my vehicle offroad can be dangerous to person and property.  I/we understand that operating my vehicle offroad could result in injury, property damage, legal responsibility, and possibly death.  I/we hereby agree to release the Revolution Offroad Jeep Club of Polk County, its Officers, and Representatives from any liability and I/we accept all risk involved in my participation or the participation of anyone within my party in the activities sponsored by the Revolution Offroad Jeep Club of Polk County.